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October 3, 2012 · No Comments

One product that we’re excited to offer at PacParts is the Add-A-Circuit. The Add-A-Circuit is the fastest and easiest way for installers who need to add an additional circuit for electronic components. These units turn a one fuse slot into two and provide protection for both circuits allowing installers to add additional circuits without having to splice or cut any wires, which maintains the new car warranty. The Add-A-Circuit can be used in automotive, trucking, motorcycle and marine vehicles.


The Add-A-Circuit is available in an ATO fuse version for standard ATO and ATC fuses

(part # ATCPLUG) and MINI Blade fuse version for mini fuses (part # ATMPLUG). Both units are able to hold fuses for accessories of 10 amps or less. By quickly turning one fuse slot into two, the Add-A-Circuit is a safe and economical alternative to splicing a fuse tap. The ATCPLUG will only work with ATC or ATO style fuses, and the ATMPLUG will only work with mini ATM fuses.


The Add-A-Circuit is perfect for adding electronic components such as radar detectors, car alarms, remote starters, car locators (theft recovery systems), engine block heaters, DVD players, satellite radio, GPS, cell phone chargers, fog lights, LED lights, two-way radios, and much more.


The ATCPLUG and the ATMPLUG Add-A-Circuit units are available now at PacParts. For more information contact your Account Representative.


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