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Panasonic PARTS LIST

Panasonic 112630135 AC Adapter FA-502000SA

Panasonic 112630210 Battery Charger AB-NP40

Panasonic 112630325 Battery NP40 3.7V 720mAh

Panasonic 1126BAT850 Battery

Panasonic 2PG0010000RP Transistor

Panasonic 4322212113100A Tray

Panasonic 6191235443 Blade

Panasonic 6231087445 Fan

Panasonic 6361031783 Strap

Panasonic 8312220815201 Crisper Drawer

Panasonic 8312230210170 Strainer

Panasonic 831A230516204 Door Evaporator

Panasonic 8330331652210 Gasket

Panasonic 8332320251201 Guard

Panasonic 8332612050101 Knob Thermostat

Panasonic 8332612050200 Knob

Panasonic 8334233C50101 Thermostat

Panasonic 86128-07010 Knob

Panasonic 86128-07020 Knob

Panasonic 90011-25144 Knob

Panasonic 90011-25158 Knob

Panasonic 9A0A0044AAYS Assembly

Panasonic A2CA00000032 Display Tube

Panasonic A4AZQE000001 Lamp

Panasonic A800L3310QP Base

Panasonic AA1070AB401D Switch

Panasonic AC99NATCZV07 Cord Reel

Panasonic AME05-121 Plate

Panasonic AMM10C-180 Plate

Panasonic AMV95K5J0H0P Filter

Panasonic AN6675 IC Chip AN6675

Panasonic AN7190NK-LD IC Chip

Panasonic APCB9787A0 Pc Board

Panasonic AT3400 Cartridge W/Stylus

Panasonic AXW2D-27800 Hose

Panasonic B1BBAC000007 Transistor

Panasonic B1BBAC000016 Transistor

Panasonic B1BCDG000005 Transistor

Panasonic B1DFAD000001 Transistor

Panasonic B1DFDG000006 Transistor

Panasonic B1GBCFJJ0002 Transistor

Panasonic B1GDCFJJ0002 Transistor

Panasonic B3ACB0000039 Diode

Panasonic B3AEA0000008 Diode

Panasonic B3AGA0000064 Display

Panasonic BKL2E03FA Motor

Panasonic C065GW01V1 Panel

Panasonic C0DBZHZ00005 Use C0Dbzhz00023 Ic

Panasonic C0DBZHZ00006 Ic

Panasonic C0GBY0000004 Ic

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