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Availability: DISCONTINUED
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Lentil-headed ST Screw5X13

WARRANTY: 90 Day Warranty

DANBY DAR044KA1DDB Applicances: Compact Refrigeration  
DANBY DAR044KA1MDB Applicances: Compact Refrigeration  
DANBY DBC120CBLS Applicances: Wine/Beverage  
DANBY DCF070A1BDB Applicances: Chest Freezers  
DANBY DCF070A1WDB Applicances: Chest Freezers  
DANBY DCFM049KA1WDB Applicances: Chest Freezers  
DANBY DCFM102A2WDD Applicances: Chest Freezers  
DANBY DCFM108A1WDD Applicances: Chest Freezers  
DANBY DCR016KA1WDB Applicances: Compact Refrigeration  
DANBY DCR017A1BDEDB Applicances: Compact Refrigeration  
DANBY DCR032KA1WDB Applicances: Compact Refrigeration  
DANBY DFF091A1WDB Applicances: Midsize Refrigeration  
DANBY DFF110A1BSSDD Applicances: Midsize Refrigeration  
DANBY DFF110A1WDB1 Applicances: Midsize Refrigeration  
DANBY DFF110A1WDBL1 Applicances: Midsize Refrigeration  
DANBY DPD21A1BSLDB Applicances: Midsize Refrigeration  
DANBY DPD21A1DDB Applicances: Midsize Refrigeration  
DANBY DPD21A1LDB Applicances: Midsize Refrigeration  
DANBY DPD21A1MDB Applicances: Midsize Refrigeration  
DANBY DPD21A1PDB Applicances: Midsize Refrigeration  
DANBY DUF071A3WDB Applicances: Upright Freezers  
DANBY DUFM071A1WDB Applicances: Upright Freezers  
DANBY DUFM071A2WDB Applicances: Upright Freezers  
DANBY DWC016KA1BDB Applicances: Wine/Beverage  
DANBY DWC032A2BDB Applicances: Compact Refrigeration  
DANBY DWC033KA1BDB Applicances: Wine/Beverage  
DANBY DWC172BLPDB Applicances: Compact Refrigeration  
DANBY SBWC033A1S Applicances: Compact Refrigeration  
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