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Hitachi 0019-618-0-00 Power Transformer

Hitachi 0019-626-0-00 Power Transformer

Hitachi 0019626000 Power Xfmr (0019-626-0-00)

Hitachi 0020615 Rubber Foot

Hitachi 0022-321-0-00 Motor

Hitachi 0023-187-0-00 Speaker 100-3

Hitachi 0028-341-0-00 Slide Switch

Hitachi 0032-011-0-00 Conversion Plug

Hitachi 0034-007-0-15 System Connector Pin

Hitachi 0046-088-1-50 Antenna

Hitachi 0046088142 Antenna Rod (0046-088-1-42)

Hitachi 0047-164-0-00 Ac Cord

Hitachi 0056-207-0-00 Belt

Hitachi 0056-211-0-00 Belt

Hitachi 0088-016-0-01 Remote Control

Hitachi 0100001 Resistor

Hitachi 0100031M No Longer Avail./ Resistor

Hitachi 0100034 Resistor

Hitachi 0100036M RES.-CARBON FLM 1/8W 62-JB

Hitachi 0100041 no Longer Avail./Res.Carbon

Hitachi 0100049 Resistor

Hitachi 0100065 Res.-Carbon Flm 1/8W 1K-J

Hitachi 0100068M RES.-CARBON FLM 1/8W 1.3K-JB

Hitachi 0100073M Res.-Carbon Flm 1/8W 2.2K-Jb

Hitachi 0100079M no Longer Avail/Carbon Flm Res. 1/8W 3.9K-Jb

Hitachi 0100083 RES.-CARBON FLM 1/8W 5.6K-J

Hitachi 0100087 Resistor

Hitachi 0100091M Res.-Carbon Flm 1/8W 12K-Jb

Hitachi 0100107 Resistor

Hitachi 0100119M Res.-Carbon Flm 1/8W 180K-Jb

Hitachi 0101712 Fuse Resistor 6.8Ohm+-5%

Hitachi 0101714 FUSE RESISTOR 100 OHM+5

Hitachi 0101717 Resistor

Hitachi 0101718 Resistor 75Ohm+-5%

Hitachi 0101724 Resistor

Hitachi 0101738 METAL FILM 33 OHM 1/8

Hitachi 0101836 CARBON FILM 1.8KOHM+5

Hitachi 01038173 Resistor

Hitachi 0103818 CHIP RESISTOR 8.2OHM+10

Hitachi 0103827 Resistor Chip 47Ohm+-5% 0.1W

Hitachi 0103839 Resistor Chip 470Ohm+-5% 0.1W

Hitachi 0103847 Resistor Chip 2.2Kohm+-5% 0.1

Hitachi 0103859 Resistor Chip 22Kohm+-5% 0.1W

Hitachi 0103870 CHIP RESISTOR 180KOHM+5

Hitachi 01038733 Chip Resistor 330Kohm+-5

Hitachi 0103874 CHIP RESISTOR 390KOHM+5

Hitachi 0103973 CHIP RESISTOR 2.2MOHM+5% 1/8W

Hitachi 0103997 CHIP RESISTOR 1.5MOHM+5

Hitachi 0104009 CHIP RESISTOR 3.0KOHM+5

Hitachi 0104084 CHIP RESISTOR 2.2MOHM+5

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