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Please complete the form below and click "Submit". We will respond to you shortly during our working hours. Our working hours are Monday though Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm Pacific Time.

DO NOT not send any items before receiving an approval with an official repair number. Any item sent in without a repair number will be returned at owner's expense.


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Laptop / Desktop Computer Password

If a password is required to access your Laptop / Desktop computer, please enter it below so that we may do a full diagnostic of the unit. All customer information, protected or not protected, is guaranteed by PacParts Inc. to be placed under strict privacy.
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Repair Fees

All repairs (except noted with **) will be charged an Evaluation Fee which is included as part of labor fee. The Evaluation Fee is non-refundable.
Evaluation Fee: $40.00
Repairs will also be charged a flat rate Labor Fee based on the product type. Our Labor Fees are listed below:
Commercial / Home Appliance (includes paper shredders) Labor Fee: $80.00  
DJ Equipment Labor Fee: $125.00  
Electric Bike Labor Fee: $120.00  
Electric Scooter Labor Fee: $80.00  
Mini-Electric Car/Mini-ATV/Mini-Bike Labor Fee: $50.00  
Music Keyboard Labor Fee: $125.00  
Rice Cooker/MultiCooker Labor Fee: $50.00  
**Watch (Watchband, Bezel, & Battery Replacement) Labor Fee: **$25.00  

Replacement Part Fees

The fees above DO NOT include parts. Parts will be billed in addition to the Evaluation Fee and Labor Fee. All replacement parts must be purchased through PacParts Inc.

Shipping Fees

All shipping expenses to and/or from our facility must be paid by customer.

Shipping Address

Our shipping address is:
PacParts Inc.
1860 W. Carson St. Suite # 102
Torrance, CA 90501

Repair Number

You will receive an official repair number via email after your repair request has been reviewed and approved. Please do not send any items before receiving a repair number. Any item sent in without a repair number will be returned at owner's expense.

Lost Data for Laptop / Desktop Computer Repair Service

Please be aware that any stored information left in your unit is subject to irreversible data loss even prior to service and/or during the service. The responsibility of backing up any data lies solely with the owner of the unit. Although PacParts Inc. will take all available precautions to preserve the digitally stored data on the Hard Disk Drive, PacParts Inc. cannot guarantee the preservation of the data.

Be sure to back up your data before sending any laptop or desktop computer to our facility.

For all electronic equipment that stores information in any type of RAM or Hard Disk, data loss or corruption can be caused by various factors that are beyond the control of the manufacture and of the service stations. Some common causes are physical shock, virus, illegal shut down of system, battery failure, power failure or just by human error.

Check here to confirm that you agree to the information above and repair fee below.
Check here to confirm that you clearly understand the risk of data loss and agree to the following:
  • Parts used for repair may be refurbished parts that meet original standards.
  • There will be minimum non-refundable Evaluation Fee for any service that is deemed non-warranty and the service rendered is guaranteed by a "30 day labor limited warranty" issued on the date of shipment by PacParts Inc.
  • Because of the risk of data loss described above, an incomplete data preservation AFTER estimate approval does NOT give me the right to cancel service contract or the right to demand for any refunds in regards to the data.
  • If I do not pick up my unit after declined or repaired after 90 days, I authorize PacParts Inc. to DISPOSE my unit.
TOTAL REPAIR FEE (excludes parts and return shipping): $  

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